I ant able to run the new file , after creating the new file I try to run that new file but it is running the old file in the console

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You will need to edit the .replit config file if you want the run button to run a file other than main.py

to access the .replit config file you will need to show hidden files

Then the .replit config file will be visible.

Here’s the docs page for configuring your .replit config file.
Mainly focusing on this part for entrypoints

I see that you’ve changed your entrypoint to sets.py
replace sets.py with the name of whichever file you want to run.

I think You also don’t really need , "sets.py" for run=
you could just leave it as run = ["python3"]

If you want to run multiple files in one, this video from day 63 for creating your own library should help.

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and this was done no later than 2min after this topic was created :eyes:

There’s this, or see if you can help me fix this less reliable, but more convenient alternative.

if you want to instead override Ctrlenter you’ll have to change that (and possibly add use of stopPropagation or similar)


This is awesome, I had no idea anything like that was even possible.

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