I am unable to connect to my repl

Whenever I got to my repl(It is only for this exact repl) it freezes then crashes the tab, I am unable to load into the site as whenever i go to the url it displays: “The requested resource / was not found on this server”
when I attempt at a connection to said repl first thing I notice in the console before the page crashes is an Input/Output error, my files, nor the webview load in when I connnect
if you can help PLEASE do so!

And yes, I have attempted on another device.

First off, it says your disconnected from the internet, second of all, you leaked your ip address and port (in the console). Sorry if I couldn’t help, but it could maybe be a network problem idk.

I’m guessing that Repl is private since I can’t find it on your profile, could you post at least some of the code? What’s happening (I’m pretty sure) is that when a Repl that has the webview loads, it is automatically run (potentially before all the files and stuff load) and there is likely some kind of error or bug in your code causing it to crash.

I am connected to the internet(and i am able to edit other repls) it was only THIS repl
also thanks for pointing that out i was super worried and totally forgot that the IP is in the console
but for some reason i am able to connect again


I have a TON of files on the repl, it was possibly a memory issue where it got overloaded

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Hey there, if you can provide me with the link to your repl I’ll take a look and see what I can do.