I am scared. (Of being banned)

I saw a “verify that you’re a real teacher” thing in the themes section (odd because I never made an education team because I know the consequences if I’m not a teacher. However, my friend pressed it because he thought it would be funny, and toggled a checkbox a few times. What I’m scared about is that I might be banned for having a teacher verified account even if I’m not a teacher. Here’s an image:

Edit: Now I’m truly scared because when I was afk (this part was from a couple days ago) he created and deleted educator orgs and teams. (Which is bad because I’m not a teacher.)

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You won’t be banned. I have an EDU org so I can use it as a sandbox so I can help people in #edu even thought I’m, not a teacher and I was never one. Don’t abuse the org and you will be fine. If you still have any concerns @IanAtReplit or @DavidAtReplit should be able to help.


Ok, thanks for reassurance, but now it says max limit of orgs made. My friend made them (and deleted them) ._. Is there any way of making a real org that I can use for clubs now, or is that that, and no more orgs for me?
Can anyone answer?

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Hi @AMDryzen5600X you’ll have to contact support regarding making new orgs.

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