I am not able to past code in replit. past option not workin

Problem description:
[I am not able to past code in replit. past option not workinstrong text

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


Hi @MrKianoush can you provide more details please?

What code are you trying to copy and paste in? If it is on another website please link so others in the community can test this.

Can you copy and paste the code into another application e.g. Notepad or a Word document?

What browser are you using to access Replit? Or is it the mobile app?

Or maybe the issue is it in he console using keys? As there you need a different combination of keys.

Or maybe he is trting to paste codes into the Console?

hey welcome to the community, if you are trying to use ctrl c and ctrl z in th3 console, it’s called a keyboard interrupt. To copy and paste stuff into the console, you have to double click or right click depending on what you’re using, and then hit the paste option from there,