I am new to programming and looking for some help

I am looking for someone to help me code an app for electrical that you put in what you know and it tells you everything you will need to know about a house, for instance, what size service you need, how much wire, how many of a specific feature, etc. I would like it to be able to scrape different websites for prices on the different components you need, and give you an estimate of cost of materials from any given place.

I would like it to be able to do the math offline, and just use either averages or the last price to get prices. I can supply some of the necessary math equations, and I know multiple master and former master electricians, so I should be able to get most of the necessary equations.

I am looking to create a usable app that serves as a learning experience.

It has been a while since my original post, just wanted to see if anyone was interested.

I’d recommend using bounties for this.

It uas already been suggested in:

But OP said he’s broke, so Boston suggested Collaborations .

I should probably check for instances of that in the future, especially when it’s a slightly old post.