I am Making a Python Package

I am making a Python Package. Can anyone help?

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What will the package do?

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sure what kind of package and what does it do?


Sure! I’m down to help, I don’t do much programming these days so it’s an excuse to work on a project.

Also, it seems like you got a lot of projects currently in progress. Which ones will you be spending the most time on?

Sure! What will be the main purpose of the package?


I don’t know. Do any of you have an idea?

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So… It’s just a dictionary?

Oh. Should’ve thought about that.

is this still open? can i still join?

Sorry @rynstheoverlor1, but I still don’t know what package I’m gonna make.

I can already think of a few ideas

  • A package that directly converts python code to html (maybe by writing to a html file based on prompts provided)

  • A package based on the pygame package that can be used to build apps instead of games as per default.

i’ll write if i think of anything else.