I am having trouble installing packages onto my repls

Currently, I am making a music player of some sort and requires the replit package in order to play audio. However, it can’t install for some reason. The following appears in the console:

---> poetry add 'replit 3.5.0'
Using version ^3.5.0 for replit

Could not find a matching version of package 3.5.0
exit status 1

I thought it was just this package. After trying others, it seems to be the case that none of the packages can’t be installed at all. If anyone has any methods to fix this problem, please do leave any suggestions.

Welcome @Prismix!

Could you try poetry add replit?

Probably Python.

Yes, that’s why it can install.

Yes, it says it’s using poetry.

I have no idea what poetry is

Poetry is a tool for Python that makes it more simple and organized to install things.
The traditional way is using pip or setup.py, but poetry is like an all-in-one solution for handling libraries and project settings.

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