Hydrogen as an everyday fuel?

Our school is competing in the first lego league this year. We design and program a robot to do a set of tasks on a board to attain points, present an energy project, and do some more building and creative tasks on the challenge day. Last year we came 3rd in robot performance at nationals and 1st in a white brick cargo transporter challenge and we now hope to go international.

This website will likely not be presented because it’s not clean and professional enough for my project manager, and to be honest I made it to learn and play with CSS. I left it to my friend to create the ‘professional’ website with a website builder.

All of the CSS was learnt from MDN, an excellent, comprehensive resource. Information taken from TWI.


It’s a good start, but you have a lot going on, it makes it very confusing for the reader. Giving a user so many options of things to read without a clearly defined order in which to read them makes them panic and end up not reading anything.