‌https://repl.new shortcut is broken

Problem description:

When I go to https://repl.new, it redirects to https://replit.com/@util/new-redirector#index.js.
Expected behavior:
prompts to create a new repl

Actual behavior:
Goes to https://replit.com/@util/new-redirector#index.js

Steps to reproduce:
go to https://repl.new

Bug appears at this link:

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Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:
Plan (Free, Replit Core):

EDIT: The repl itself also contains profanity, so beware.

Is this the shortcut to make a new repl?
I use replit.com/new, and it’s that one. Your one may have been chnaged to this one.

https://repl.new was the original shortcut, and it would redirect to new-redirector.util.repl.co, which would redirect to replit.com/new. I think their current repl.new should just redirect to a deployed version of the new redirector.

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UPDATE: https://repl.new has been fixed.


Does it pass in the Search Params used by the “/new” page?

  • tab
    • replit
      • template - template UUID
    • github
      • language
      • githubRepo

This would be useful so I can shorten down the URL even more.

huh? I just typed in repl.new/html and was redirected to the HTML repl create screen… i guess?

You add these parameters to automatically setup the new configuration.


This will generate an Asri repl

And sadly after quickly testing, it does not.

It should do this.

If you go to repl.new/__repl, it goes back to the new redirector Repl, so I think they just deployed it.


Shortest I could get it is https://replit.com/new?language=html&template=160910a4-5017-4602-81e0-a948bc939a6a

If you somehow get Asri “official”, then maybe the Repl ID can be changed so it’d just be repl.new/asri but that’s very unlikely.

If you REALLY need it to be short, just use tinyurl or bit.ly with a custom alias.

EDIT: Got it down to https://replit.com/new?template=160910a4-5017-4602-81e0-a948bc939a6a, apparently the language thing isn’t required but you still have to put a question mark in its place. :person_shrugging:


The ampersand isn’t needed if you don’t have the first language argument.



Oh, I’m like really sure I tried it without the ampersand and it didn’t work, but OK.

Well that wouldn’t make sense, because that’s just how URL arguments work


Not if you extract them a certain way.

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