HTTPS not linking domain (SSL maybe)

Hi my repl: has been saying ‘verifying’ as the status when linking the domain for several days and then failed, but is verified and working. It adds an extra https://https:// to it also. Quite urgent as site is live.

Werid, I really need to work out what is going on as my users can’t access the site.


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@AbrarAkhtar Could you share screenshots and/or videos of your DNS setup?


Here you go, would appreciate this being sorted.



@AbrarAkhtar Are you using GoDaddy?

Yes I am using goDaddy. The domain variations are working fine.

@AbrarAkhtar Usually, Replit does not support GoDaddy. Can you connect cloudflare so you can use it to manage your DNS settings? It’s better anyways. I can help you connect cloudflare, if you’d like.

Yes please that would help, but I am using goDaddy for another domain also with Replit which works. However, whatever helps there. How should I go about setting up cloudflare with Replit?

@AbrarAkhtar Great. I will help in about an hour or two.

Hello there! You are actually able to use any DNS registrar with Replit. I believe your error is in Settings > Domains.

You have added the following domains on Replit:


Instead delete those items and use the following:


Copy the relevant records and within ~24 hours you should see that your domains have linked! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot, it actually works now!

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