Https:// is up and running!

I recently got the domain for free with GitHub student, and I am currently making a personal website on it :smiley:

P.S. Ask me for a subdomain if you want one
P.S.S. The site is broken on mobile + it’s not perfect yet


Thank you. That is very kind of you and also makes me laugh thinking about something like Free advertising for you. I think I’ll pass but it’s nice of you to offer.


How’d you get the domain with the GitHub student pack?


Pls make OmegaOrbitals2 subdomain. Put this link inside

Yeah how did you get the student pack?

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Nice, I like the wavy background.
Can I have … no reason in particular

It’s a program github runs to let people get experience using tools without having to spend a lot of money.

It’s hard to get a student account, they’re very valuable and could be easily priced highly at an auction site (obviously against TOS).

I also never claimed that he was, so why are you replying to me with such a claim.

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Ik how to get it, I was just wondering how he got accepted.

can I have

can I have

can I PLEASE have

Okay so comment on this repl with the name of your subdomain and the info to put in the CNAME and i’ll make you a subdomain.

With the student pack there are 3 offers that let you get a free domain for 1 year, and the one lets you choose the name of your domain and one of around 5 endings

I like what you did with the waves lol


All you have to do is register with your school’s name, website, your school email, and proof that you are at that school (student id or smth)… it’s not that hard?

I got an email like a day after I registered :person_shrugging:

Hey, check our my subdomain y’all :smiley: https://IThink.MiloCat.Rocks

check out mine:

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Lol at the moment yours is completely black, so did fall for it :wink: