HTML with database

I am a school teacher and have a 13 year old student who has really pushed himself and I am trying to get him to build a website with a backend database. We have been using replit for HTML projects (also using CSS). Has anyone had any success with building a HTML file with a backend database and how was it done? Nothing fancy, just want to be able link the two as straightforward and simple as possible.


Hi @RaihaanChaudary, welcome to the community!

If you would like to link your student’s website with a database such as Replit DB (a free noSQL / key-value database similar to the likes of MongoDB), you will need to create a new Repl with one of the programming language types such as Python, Node.js or PHP. That will unlock the Database option inside Tools.

There are some tutorials on Google (or 100 Days of Code on Replit if you’re using Python) that will guide you how to setup a webserver to host your student’s static HTML and even link it up with the programming language to pull data from the database.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the suggestion. I was looking for a task that used HTML with MySQL for example for the student to practice their database/HTML skills.


If you search “PHP CRUD” on YouTube, there are a few tutorials that go through connecting HTML to MySQL with PHP and teaches you the 4 main database operations Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete (CRUD).

You can actually use Replit to follow these tutorials with a “PHP Webserver” type Repl and a PostgreSQL database that Replit now offers (does cost cycles though).