HTML webpage ip not found

Problem description: It was the third time i was facing the problem of ip not found in a html repl or you can say any type of webserver/liveserver repl.

Expected behavior: To show to content without any errors of IP not found.

Actual behavior: IP not found error on the webpage of the repl. ’s server IP address could not be found.

Steps to reproduce: Fix the ip distribution and take a look at the processing of the webpage.

Bug appears at this link: Edit: The link is working fine on the browsers but replit is still having issues on ip not found.

Browser/OS/Device: WIndows 7, Chrome browser

Works just fine for me, maybe try a different browser. I’ve found Firefox seems to be the most reliable with replit.

Pretty much anything works, I’m using chrome here. Its working perfectly fine.

Maybe should reload the page.

Yup, but replit is having some issues.

Yup, but replit is having some issues

Hey @Rachit4544L!

It looks like the Repl was deleted. Was this intended and are you still having issues?