Html url change, domain linking

Why did you have to change the html url?

A friend of mine who is relatively good at programming explained to me that changing the url was not the best idea.

- In many cases, the url generated by the system is longer and causes a much greater load on the servers than the shorter urls. Is inferred based on experience.

How to link domain if possible?

You’ll have to deploy to be able to do that.

That’s kind of intentional, as you’re not supposed to share those URLs.

So why is there a paid option for domain linking if it cannot be used publicly.

I’m not sure what you mean, as deploying gives you a very different URL, and allows you to link domains as well.

I’m talking to an experienced programmer on dc and he’s angry because of this latest answer because every single answer we get contradicts each other.

I don’t feel like I’ve contradicted myself here, could you explain?

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