HTML Save what was imputed into search bars

I have created a html what code would i use to see what was imputed into two search bars.
Possibly in another file it will come up with what is imputed.


Hello there Darkoknight!

Could you be more specific about what are you trying to do?

You want just to see what people typed in the search from your webpage? You want to store this information? What purpose are you trying to achieve.

If you could also share your replit code that would be great too!

So i can tell in the chat as a laugh

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Well there are some steps so let’s start with the most primordial one:

Ensure that you have proper consent to store user data and are following data privacy laws

For what you are trying to do you would need to have a system in place to log those entries. So usually a front end / back end code and a database to store information.

Try to learn more about AJAX request in JavaScript, so you can make a function when the search button is clicked, the function (like sendSearch() ) retrieves the value from the search bar and sends it to the server using an AJAX POST request.

Now you need to capture this data and store it in a database in your server-sided code.

After your server-sided coded finish the process you can just make a simple select to see the data from your database.

If you don’t know how to properly code these things I would suggest getting a tutorial from YouTube so you can have a good start and after building your code bring any doubts you may have.

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thankyou you did well.

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