HTML repls don't work anymore?

I’ve been using replit for some time. Back then when you made static HTML, CSS, JS repls, you’d write code, and go to:
The repl would open up there just fine. Now it doesn’t work anymore. No repls have been running all of a sudden for some reason.
My account on replit is
You can see I have 4 repls, try running them and you’ll face repl not found error. Oh and by the way all of them have index.html file present in the root. I’m not sure what’s causing this. Any help will be appreciated.

Hi @shazambolt8 , welcome to the forums!
I rean your otakulist repl after forking it. Everything seems to be working.
Can you make your Webview route / and not anything else?
Also, urls no longer work. They’re now, and work like a localhost.
Hope this helps!

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Hello Nate!
Basically my question is, I have these repls here:

Let’s take the sunset repl for example.
So a few months ago, I’d simply open and it’d open as a website just fine.
Try visiting it now and it redirects you to the editor instead.
Even if we try it won’t work either.
Now if I click run, it opens on some random looking url like:

My question: It used to be so convenient to open repls as websites (not in the editor) using but now they’re using why this downgrade?

Sorry I couldn’t phrase my question better earlier.

Hi @shazambolt8 !
This is a new update. Btw, the domain isn’t, it’s the other one. Basically, these domains can’t be shared, and are only accessible when running the repl.
To make it available to everyone, deploy it as Static.
Hope this helps!


I see so it is to discourage people from using replit as an alternative to web hosting? Thank you for your time.

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Actually, it’s because free hosting is not a viable option in the long-term, so Replit uses Deployments instead, for better performance.

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This response is misleading. Hosting reliably does cost money while hosting freely is unreliable and creates a sub-par experience for users. You can learn more about it here. (Note that we no longer have Pro and Hacker plans, just the Replit Core plan).


Does this mean I have to pay to use replit hosting now?

Yes, but you still have some free options. You can deploy static sites for free, and you are only responsible for outbound data transfer (this is free with Replit Core membership). You can read more about the kinds of deployments here.

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