Html ran in a python flask image error

I have created a website using Flask, where I’m serving an HTML file via a Flask server. However, when I try to add an <img> element to display an image on the webpage, the image doesn’t load. It’s worth noting that when I tried the same HTML code in a standalone HTML project, it worked perfectly. The issue seems to be specific to running the HTML file via a Flask server in Python. How can I resolve this problem and make the image load correctly?

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<img src="cool.jpg">
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Hi, flask will not serve every file as that is a security vulnerability. Instead you should put your image into the static/ directory, and set the img src to /static/cool.jpg.


Thank you so much, It took me an hour to try to fix this problem with no fix. I hope you well in the future!

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Hi @GerroPogi ! If @CodingCactus answered your question, you can mark that as a Solution.

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