Html project doesn't seem to load script.js file

Question: How to i get my HTML project to load script.js ?

Repl link:

After i started working on the classes.js file, my replit project just stopped loading the script.js file (and maybe the other ones too). Using JS directly in the html file works but none of the code in my .js files work. I tried forking the project but it seems like there is something wrong with the project itself.

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Hi @benny12354 thanks for your post and welcome to the community!

I looked at the developer tools after running your code and noticed that the following .js file returned a 404 error:


thank you. I’m using someone else’s template
Also i often get parsing errors which take a while to find is there a way to find out what line generates the error ? All i get in the console is “Error: cannot parse given Error object”

Hi @benny12354 could you try this

as a starting point and let me know how you get on?

I’ve made a Repl with the basic getting started program found here Getting Started | PixiJS - if it works for you then you should be able to fork this and then add your code in gradually.

Hope this helps!