Html Project - black webview screen

Black Webview on right side
Today i editng my code on simple html and javascript, and cant webview turns to black.
i used shell ( kill 1 ) reconected and not back to normal.
if i use button “open in new tab” i see the result page but not on editor.

Project its a shader Editor.

this is a shader created example with editor ( not my shader code )

this is a editor black screen

I can replicate this issue. Opening the page in a new tab works correctly, but the WebView doesn’t display anything, even if you increase the size of the panel to full screen.

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Hello there, @didisoftwares !
I was able to reproduce the issue on my end. One of the reasons why this might be happening is because the webview is an iframe html element and also since we are loading the code for the built-in devtools.

Unfortunately, our engineers don’t have the time or capacity to work on this right now, but the plan to upgrade and improve the webview is on our roadmap. For the best development experience, please use the output in a new window.

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