HTML img directory question

I am creating an HTML and CSS tutorial and I am trying to link an img element to a .png file, but I don’t know how to link an img element to a file in a different folder. Here is my project: Whoops, I forgot to debug | Replit I am trying to link an img element in intro.html to a png file in images. Does anybody know how to do this?

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It would be best if you did not put spaces in Image names, but you can set the src to /Images/{your image name}


  • / denotes starting from root, so the home dir of your repl
  • ./ or no / denotes starting from here, so if you did hello/hello.png from intro/intro.html it would get the image from intro/hello/hello.png
  • …/ denotes one dir back, so home/intro/intro.html would go to home/hello/hello.png

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