HTML/CSS Validation?

Is there away to integrate a HTML and CSS validator to a Teams project?

I’d love a way to give students a chance to check their code before submitting.

I know they can copy and paste to any number of validators on the Web, but wouldn’t it be feasible to build in a validator that could identify issues IN the Replit IDE?

I bet there are multiple API’s available that could snap in… but I don’t know. That’s waaaaay above my pay grade. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, you cant use IO tests or Unit tests for HTML, CSS, JS repls. So the only way you can do it is to use external programs.

Another great idea! If you haven’t already @jtramontana please click on the ? icon in any Repl and click Submit feedback to pass on this suggestion to the team. Thank you!!

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I was recently searching for this very same thing. I didn’t find an integrated solution, but a single-click link to validate the current HTML or CSS document came pretty close. See my template: Standard Template w/ Validator - HTML, CSS, JS Repl - Replit

Just make sure the students know that they must navigate to the specific HTML page they wish to validate before clicking the link. CSS works from any page.

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Nice solution @PhilAnderson ! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you and you’re welcome!

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