Html/css/js project not refreshed when files uploaded

I have several html/css/js projects. When I drag and drop files into my projects, they are not “seen” by the server. The files are listed on the left but give error 404 when I try to use these files in my code.

The solution should be to use an "html/CSS/JS (auto-refresh beta) project.
But I dont want to change the project type because I have many students working on their own copy.

Is there any command line or something like that just to “re-scan” the files in my project ?
I don’t need a permanent auto-refresh. I just need to rescan once when I upload files.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @dluyten !
Can you try uploading them instead? Click the Upload File or Upload Folder button.

Thanks @NateDhaliwal , when I upload it’s ok.
Now I just have the generated files with JsDoc that remain unavailable for the server.