HTML/CSS/JS function error

Having a problem with my function.
I don’t know how to change the source of an image using a concat function.
Look at the code, at this line: el.src=“IMG_74”.concat(String(randomNum), “.png”)

I can’t attach a link to my project. The project is called “The Sasyy” by @okeller2

Hi! It appears there is no variable called “randomNum.”

Oops! I had accidentally deleted it earlier. Let me see if the code works after I edit the code.

Take your time! Let me know if that works!

It doesn’t seem to be working… Now instead of changing the to a blank image, the source doesn’t change.

Hi! After spending some time poking around in the code, I found 2 things:

  1. fortune is not defined. This function is not set up in the code.
  2. nothing is named el. when you are changing the picture of el, it doesn’t do anything because nothing is named or has the id of “el”

The parameter pertaining to the fadeOut function is named “el.”
Also, I deleted the extra “fortune()” functions and the code still doesn’t work.

Sorry, I have helped to the best of my ability. Sorry I couldn’t fix it.

Thank you for your help.