HTML/CSS/JS, custom domain: unexpectedly closed the connection

Problem description:
My repl seems to close the connection after linking my custom domain to the repl. It is verified on replit, it shows that. The DNS and Nameservers on my domain providers ends are all valid, however upon linking i’ve still been caught with that exact error.

Expected behavior:
Open up the website page on a new tab, fully functional.

Actual behavior:
Returns error code: ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED

Steps to reproduce:
Remake another repl, try again. Also tried unlinking and relinking domain for 3d now, waiting 24h inbetween links.

Bug appears at this link:

ChromeOS version 93

Hey @ExoticOX1543!

I see that your Repl is connected to:, but the domain is not properly configured. It looks like it was before, judging by the timestamps of the domain verification on our end.

Your domain is missing a TXT record as noted here: Custom domains stuck verifying - #14 by ShaneAtReplit might be why your domain is failing to link properly.