HREF Sourcing to srcdoc Folder

Problem description

When I try to use <a> tags in HTML, CSS, JS and link it to another HTML page it tries to access a folder called srcdoc (which doesn’t appear/exist on my Repl’s), it has the correct URL but then throws a can’t find URL error.

Expected behavior

The links for <a> tags to go to HTML files should allow you to open the other HTML pages.

Actual behavior

The <a> tags direct to a folder called srcdoc, but has the right URL and throws an error where it can’t find the right URL.

Steps to reproduce

  • go and create a new HTML, CSS, JS Repl and add an <a> tag link to another HTML page and run and click the link




Mac OS

Device if mobile



Core membership

Im not reproing this on

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@not-ethan I checked my Repl and it is a URL and the problem still occurs →

It also doesn’t work on other devices like PC. This is a really big issue, in my opinion, that needs to be fixed. It would be great if it was fixed soon as I have a school project that needs to be finished in a few weeks.

I also made another very simple 2 paged HTML Repl that didn’t work either.

I can’t reproduce with a simple testing Repl, perhaps it’s just your account?: (I reused an older test repl, lol)

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@Firepup650 thats odd, I forked your Repl and it works, but when I fork mine they don’t work.

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Could you share one of your bugged ones?

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