How will the Jan 1 Deployment Update impact Edu Teams?

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I received the following email from Replit. How will this impact Edu Teams?

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Starting on January 1st, 2024, Deployments will be the only way to host your applications on Replit. []( will transition to []( and will only be accessible while someone is actively in the editor. []( is the URL for previewing your work before you deploy.

If you are currently hosting anything on Replit, we recommend that you migrate to Deployments before the end of the year.

See this post on this topic:

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There is no mention of Teams For Education in this blog post. The email I received mentioned a small cost per deployment, will that cost apply to Teams For Education projects?

The Teams For Education offer page still says, “Free” for all. Is this changing?

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@ToddBenrud the blog post only mentions hosting. You don’t need to host when using Teams for EDU.

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I teach web design and development to high school students, I’d like to know how the changes scheduled for 1/1/24 will impact the following.

  1. My students develop roughly a dozen PHP websites during the year. They test their work via the webview urls ( My district uses the * wildcard to create an “allowed list” within their threat detection systems. They are willing to use a wildcard on the domain specifically because only my students can gain access to the subdomain associated with my classes. My district will not wildcard allow an entire domain. Will team names be possible in the new system? If not, what alternative do you suggest?
  2. My students perform “peer reviews” on their classmate’s work. They also develop mock websites for students in my Entrepreneurship course. Can students share a web URL to their PHP websites for peer review under the new system?
  3. My students develop a Portfolio website that includes links to and summaries of the different websites they created during the year.

Will the above items still be possible in the new system? If yes, please explain any modifications I’ll have to adopt. If no, please explain any alternatives you can think of. Lastly, will I be able to use cycles to achieve any of the above?

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Not sure, but the new system will probably use

Yes, but note that the student sharing must be in the Repl while their classmate opens the website.

Again, the student must have the workspace of that porfolio Repl,

Unless, if the portfolio is a static Repl, they can deploy it for free.

…BUT you can’t deploy a Repl in a team.

Then, #3 is not possible.

The students could probably use Google sites for their portfolio.