How will SSO work when implimented

How will Replit SSO work when it is implemented into these forums? I am thinking about this since will it make it so we (people that already have accounts) are not able to log in since our account is not linked?

Usernames? What will happen with those? When you make an account here with your Replit account will your username be what your username is on Replit? If so when we link out accounts what will happen? And if somebody makes an account and they have the same username as us will they get access to our account and we might lose access?

What happens if somebody already used their 1 username change and they don’t like their Username anymore? For example, they joined Replit when they were 9 and they also used their name change. Now they are stuck with the embarrassing name they choose when they are 9. Do they just need to live with it?

Now I want SSO to be implemented. But I want to make sure it is done properly. I reason I do want it implements is so people don’t make their username Replit or something. Somebody did but the account was deleted and/or the user was changed. Now there is a setting to not allow certain strings to be used in a Username. I think this is how SSO should be implemented:

When a user signs up they MUST link their Replit account (to help prevent bot/spam accounts and for moderation reasons). But I think they should also be able to choose their own username for the forums (does not need to be the same as on Replit for the reasons mentioned above). And the user is unable to unlink their Replit account without the assistance of staff. And for us current users. Give us all 6 months to link our accounts. And make a topic announcing this change and also send an email every month then the last week and every day after that for the people that have not linked a Replit account yet.


For us beginners , Please define SSO ?

It means Single sign on.

Maybe prompt users who created an account without linking it to link it?
If they don’t have one ask them to make one, this should solve the usernames issue on both 2nd and 3rd paragraphs?

Can you elaborate? I dont understand

Force users to link their accounts so it
fixes the username uniqueness problems

Usernames are unique on both. I cant change mine here to TruncatedDinosour unless you change yours to something else. My OP is talking about what would happen to the name we have currently here once SSO is implemented. Would our current ones stay or the new ones come

oh sorry then :slight_smile:
I got no idea how to answer that then

This has been implemented thanks to @bardia and @ShaneAtReplit!

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