How to write good Ask Answers (as #2 ask forum user)


I hear a lot of people who want to get better cheers or help people better on ask, so I’m making an article on how to write answers ;-; also you shouldn’t take this advice as the almighty end all be all to answering questions – you have to actually know what you’re doing.

How are you supposed to answer?

So, if someone has a question make sure you do these very important things:

  • know what you’re doing. Don’t go into the topic if you only have surface level knowledge or else you can’t answer any questions for them
  • make sure you have the time to follow up on their follow up questions
  • make sure you write full answers – they should try to catch as many possible follow up questions as possible
  • make sure that you explain don’t write

you should refresh cache by CTRL SHIFT R

no one really understands what it means, and it’s cooler to leave stuff in that makes you look like you know more, but always explain

or perhaps instead of:

you’re internet connection isn’t syncing with replit

  • if you don’t know, but you’re there first, there’s nothing worse than not being helped so you should also ping an expert on the subject matter
  • if someone is impolite always try to reason with them and be polite back. If someone’s mad, then you responding with only kindness to their anger will naturally cause them to back down
  • if someone asks “stupid” questions remember to not be condescending but not on your high horse; don’t go like: “Why are you asking this, it’s so stupid, anyways, here” but don’t go like “oh yeah I’m so smart here”
  • if someone is stealing your answer, remember if they stole then they can’t do it without you, and just ask a mod to change it, no need to get upset

How are you defined as number 2 /j your better than @not-ethan

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