How to write a good bug report

Check out @hugoondev’s great example of how to write a good bug report.

A bug report should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the problem?
  • How can the engineer reproduce the problem to see it for themselves?
  • Where in the software has the problem appeared?
  • What is the environment (browser, device, OS, repl id in which the problem has occurred)
  • What is the repl that this occurred in?

An effective bug report should include:

  • Short description of the problem
  • Environment
    • Browser/Device/OS
    • Connection strength
      • If potentially relevant
    • Rate of reproduction
      • Is it consistently reproducible, only happened once, or intermittent?
    • Repl language/template
      • If problem occurs inside the workspace
  • Links
    • Link to repl or page where problem occurs
  • Steps to reproduce
    • Number the steps clearly from 1
  • Expected behaviour
    • Describe the ideal end-user state, in as much detail as possible
  • Actual behaviour
    • Detail what the bug is actually doing, and how it is different from the expected behaviour
      • Be extremely specific
  • Visual proof of bug
    • Loom
      • A video reproduction showing the problem with a voice over explaining the issue is the most helpful
    • Screenshots
      • Less helpful than Loom but still helpful

Thanks for this Bardia!


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