How to use replit with proxy to circumvent blocked requests for webservice

I’m building a repl that need access to a web service. This webservice does not work within replit. It only replies to requests for ip locatedes in my country (as far as the tests I’ve made so far indicate).

I have a vps that i could use as a proxy. The webservice do reply requsts made from that vps.

Is it possible to configure my repl to use a proxy for all its requests? How so?

Hey @jgggr, welcome to the forums!

we can’t help you since proxies are something that is not allowed on Replit, in the Replit ToS in the Prohibited Actions section on point 24 it says :

Use the Service to create a proxy with the purpose of circumventing any firewall or other access control measure

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hey @hugoondev thank you for your reply,

Maybe I did not make myself clear. I do not want to use replit as a proxy. I do not intend to use replit to CREATE a proxy.
I need to access a webservice but replits IPS are banned for this service.

Since i am not able to access the service because replit is banned from it, but i still want to use replit just because i like it, i am think of USING a proxy (my own private proxy) to access this webservice.

I could just run my code on my vps. But i like to develop my code in replit. But i cannot use my code because replit is banned.

So i was wondering if i could USE a proxy for my repl`s requests…

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A proxy for network requests is fine if the intention isn’t malicious :+1:

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Oh, a proxy for network requests is fine, but don’t do malicious things!

So just for reference…

I was able to access accomplish my task by using ssh with binding:

ssh -4 -D12345 -fCqN user@ipaddress

In my python code i just used

proxies = {
‘http’: ‘socks5h://’,

and then added the proxy in the request

response = requests.get(address, proxies=proxies,verify=False)

It works, but the ssh tunneling eventually gets disconnected, so I can’t just leave it running, unfortunately. Since it’s not a big problem for my task, I’ll just leave like that.