How to use php7.2 or 7.4 version in replit?

How to use php7.2 or 7.4 version in replit? 8.0 is good, but the project I am doing needs 7.2 version


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If you start up a Nix Repl and install the PHP Derivation, that will install the PHP version that you are looking for. You can search for the package that you need in


ok thanks for the suggestion, I’ll go test it if it works, thanks again for your help

there is not found php72 or php 74 packages…

If you didn’t found it’s because is not supported anymore. Since it’s not supported anymore that means Nix itself will no longe have the version anymore.

Actually, I just found the unsupported branch in php site: PHP: Unsupported Branches all versions listed here are not supported by PHP company anymore and therefore, not supported by Nix.

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forget it,thks ur help.