How to use own 404 page

I want to use my own HTML coded 404 page instead of replit default page not found. How can I do that ? I am using HTML , CSS , JS

Welcome to the community! Sadly, you cannot make a custom 404 page using HTML/CSS/JS Repls. However, you can have a custom 404 page if you use a backend server such as NodeJS and Python Flask. There are plenty of good templates to get you started. I recommend you use whichever is most comfortable for you (if you know JS use NodeJS and if you’re good at Python use Flask).


Welcome to the forums @chasmfito !
If you create a nodejs repl then you can take a look at this post for a simple way to structure your file system for, and make a 404 page.


Can I still keep my current repl intact and just add another file ?

The easiest way would be to copy the HTML code to another Repl. The JS and CSS you could use as a URL from the old one or copy it over. Would you rather use Python Flask or NodeJS? Are you more comfortable with Python or JavaScript?