How to use goto in python on replit

How do I get goto to work in python
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Hello, I don’t understand what you mean by this. Can you explain? Also please tell me what the “Goto” does.

Hello, it appears you’re expecting “goto” to work like it does in bash, or some other programming language that uses it. However python does not have a “goto” command. There are external modules you could potentially use instead, but I cannot speak for how reliable they are.
Edit: I did not check the repl you provided for implementation of this, here’s a better answer taking that repl into account:
From goto’s PyPI page:

from goto import with_goto

def range(start, stop):
    i = start
    result = []

    label .begin
    if i == stop:
        goto .end

    i += 1
    goto .begin

    label .end
    return result

Taking your code into account:

from goto import with_goto

def function():
  label .area_1
  label .area_1
  goto .area_2


  • This code will (probably) error when run, as there is no label for “.area_2”
  • This really isn’t how a program like this should be done, as it’s not “pythonic”, what exactly is this supposed to do?

Never mind, I don’t suggest using the ‘goto’ thing. I suggest using IF statements. You could try my replit.


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