How to use folder/how ocr


I want to read from a picture, therefore i would need to know the words in the picture, and what coulor and position they have, but one step at the time. To know the words I have understood ocr (tesseract) is the way (and to use tesseract I need another program to handle it like tess4j) and to use it I need to download stuff(?). Can I even do that and use it in in repl? Here is an instruction for ocr I found. Tesseract OCR with Java with Examples - GeeksforGeeks
I know we can upload a folder to repl but after I add the tesseract and tess4j folder what do I do then to use it / adapt the testexample to run?
Repl link:

code snippet

EDIT: I made a mistake; this is Java, not JavaScript.


Typically you add JS to HTML with the script tag. You can replace the filepath with a URL if you would like. Is this a normal HTML/JS/CSS Repl or a server (NodeJS, Python Flask, etc.)? NodeJS should work fine but Flask may make this harder.

<script src="folder/script.js"></script>

I think you are a bit over my head honestly, I am using Java to program in, as the example does. You mean I should be writing inside html?

Hey @Annkar welcome to the community!

Could you send a link to your Repl?

You didn’t include a link to the Repl. I made a mistake though and assumed JavaScript instead of Java (I sometimes forget they are two different things). I suggest using the Java template then.

Tesseract is really hard to use on replit

Simply use the Google Vision API xD It’s 100x better and more accurate. - GoldFavoriteSite - Replit
simply copied from the example

After annoying errors with SLF4J, missing shared libraries, and a seemingly corrupted image, I’ve set the Tess4J sample up here