How to use FFmpeg on replit?

I am making a bot and I wanted it to play some music. I have the code an everything but I never figured out how to get the executable of FFmpeg on my repl. I tried ffmpeg-static once and it did detect ffmpeg but I got an error because opus was not loaded. Has anyone figured out how to make a music bot with I know that there was a very old template (It used 1.0.1 that worked by installing the static-ffmpeg npm package but I never figured out how to make one from scratch.

Use nix to install packages and libraries such as ffmpeg.

Yeah thanks I figured it out.

I got it to work.

For anyone interested in making a music bot all you have to do is add pkgs.ffmpeg.bin to your dependencies in the replit.nix file then add pkgs.libopus to PYTHON_LD_LIBRARY_PATH and you are good to go!


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