How to use command line for python


I’m a new user to replit. I would like to use replit for my spring 2024 class. Is there a way to issue python command lines? It sounds like prybar might be needed. I was able to install the package but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Could someone provide step by step instructions on how to turn on the command line interface? I’m amazed this is included by default

I’m not quite sure what you mean by the Python command line. All Python is run in the command line. If you want to use prybar (interactive Python console instead of running it regularly), I suggest the official prybar template.

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Thanks, that works but what ugly output.

Can you share the link to your repl? I don’t know what part of the output is ugly.


If you use python with prepar template just issue the command dir(“ “) in the console. Most ide’s will print out the array one item per line

I’m not sure that’s prybar specific.

Not in my experience, even python itself won’t do that.

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Hi @rss81 !
For command line usage in a Python repl, you can enter python in the Shell, or python -i. To make the command line file-specific, you can use python -i.
Hope this helps!

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Great Answer! Thank you

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