How to use colon right click to insert emojis in Replit

I am new here
saw Qazi Sir video using colon with a list of emojis ready to insert
how to go about doing in my replit

thank you Sir / Madam

Hi @bluesky63 welcome to the community. Can you share a link to the video please?

I haven’t seen the video you’re referring to but if you’re on Windows 10 (or 11?) you can use WINDOWS_KEY+PERIOD or WINDOWS_KEY+COLON to get the MS Windows Emoji panel.
Not sure if that works similarly in other OS’s but I’m sure some Googling will answer that one.

Hope that helps…

Hi Ian
Thanks for your response

Mr Qazi just enter colon and the list of emojis display for select, or if you know the name of emoji just. :smile:

I am using Macbook Air

note: I realise while I typing :smile, it display out but when I select is not insert in this window

Are you wanting to do this? ;smile; except with colans.

Hi @bluesky63 thanks for your reply.

I see what you mean. I think that’s maybe either an older version of the Replit UI or they’ve added functionality. I’ll ask the Replit Engineering team for more information.

In the short term you can use sites like 😀 Grinning Face Emoji to copy and paste emoji into your code. Hope this helps

yes, when insert Colon, there will be a list of emojis to select, or just :sun, :moon. for e.g

Hi @bluesky63 this isn’t a feature of the Replit UI.

oh, you want to get that into a repl? If that is the case, I found a github repo that might help with this.

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You know that might actually be what is being used in the video! Good find!

Oh, I am sorry, I didn’t see that , but thanks :sweat_smile: