How to use autograder?

Hi everyone–

I am relatively new to using Replit to teach Java to my IB CS students. I am trying to build out my first test for Java–how can I use the autograder and see all of the student scores?

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to the community @niwestern ! You can find documentation on creating unit tests and I/O tests in this doc !

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Hey @niwestern - these videos are specifically for Python but the process is similar for Java too - hopefully useful guides:


The Unit test system in that video looks easier to use than what they have now in Teams. I’m kind of sad the classrooms were replaced by teams when I see videos like this, but I’m trying to stick it out because I think there’s good potential. I’ve been writing all my unit tests from scratch using mock. Been in Python this semester but will have to figure out how to do more unit tests in Java for next semester.

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