How to use a production WSGI Flask server on autoscale Deployments?

Question: What is the correct way to set up a production WSGI server on Replit for flask autoscale deployments?

I found from the pre-deployments era (Google excludes it when filtering from the past year) so I wonder whether or not it is still good advice. I’m terrified of accidentally leaving autoscale processes in an endless loop of compute unit use. Thank you.

Hi @jsalsman !
I would conncet it normally, I don’t think there’s anything different. Just setup the ports correctly and it should be fine.
Do test it first, though, and see if it’s burning your compute units.


Don’t worry, this is not possible. Autoscale deployments are only billed when HTTP requests are currently being processed, and all requests have a 5 minute timeout. It goes to sleep the rest of the time.