How to upload big file to replit?

Hi guys,

i am new in using replit so I am trying to deploy an application in replit , but when I try to upload a model with 2.5 GB size its not uploading it as far as i know the free storage for free is 10 GB is there a way to upload a big file like this

Hi @dragonchild870 , welcome to the forums!
What is your file like? What programming language is the file in?
Uploading big files into Replit might take a while.

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i am uploading model.bin its for music generation i am not seeing anything no sign of uploading a file

see attached ss

@dragonchild870 Can you click the Upload file button on the 3 dots?


@dragonchild870 Is that how you uploaded file?
Could you try it?

I’ve already tried to upload the file there. It appears for a split second, but then it suddenly disappears without a trace


How large is the file that you are trying to upload?


i tried to upload a file with 2 GB size


It sounds like you might be going over the storage limit on your Replit account and it’s being auto deleted. Can you confirm if this might be the case?

i still have 48 GB if i am right

For clarification, your account storage is actually 10 GiB (Gibibytes), not 10 GB (gigabytes). This doesn’t really matter as GiB is actually a bit more than a GB but still is important to note.

yes, and i cant even upload a 2 GB file i tried to drag and drop it and i even try to use the upload button but nothing is working and plus i am encountering a lot of problems here in replit not just this including poetry

For clarification, the account storage is indeed 50 GiB, not 10 GiB. Pro users get 50 GiB.
(also 1 GiB is 2.4% more than a GB)

The file being uploaded is well below RAM and Storage. I guess replit can’t handle large files well maybe?


Yes, I tried uploading a folder that I downloaded from the Discourse repo, and it took v e r y long to upload.

I couldn’t get the program to work anyway, in the end

did it disappear? or it stayed there? i tried it again but it disappeared again without any trace

It stayed there, IIRC.

how did you upload it?

I used the Upload Folder button.

i tried folder too but the same its gone in a second this is SS of my file is it because of the file type?