How to update replit file from 3.10 to 3.11Full (python)

I tried to update python version via replit.nix (replacing 3.10 with 3.11 but it gets flooded with errors)

  deps = [
  env = {
    PYTHON_LD_LIBRARY_PATH = pkgs.lib.makeLibraryPath [
      # Needed for pandas / numpy
      # Needed for pygame
      # Needed for matplotlib
    PYTHONHOME = "${pkgs.python311Full}";
    PYTHONBIN = "${pkgs.python311Full}/bin/python3.11";
    LANG = "en_US.UTF-8";
    STDERREDBIN = "${pkgs.replitPackages.stderred}/bin/stderred";
    PRYBAR_PYTHON_BIN = "${pkgs.replitPackages.prybar-python311}/bin/prybar-python311";

Image got messed up

What is the error at the very end?

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When I clicked the image and opened it in imgur it seems it is this:

error: attribute 'prybar-python311' missing, at /home/runner/InferiorIncredibleRoutes/replit.nix:21:28

My guess is that prybar for 3.11 is not released, this is also why the official template has not been updated. @Elex1 The best you can do is configure it to not use prybar, as in just a run command.

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There is a way to run python 3.11, but it takes a bit of work to set up.
It is not worth it unless you really need the features.
Ask me how, if you do need it.