How to update Node to v20?

I recently realised that one of my npm packages require Node v20 and higher, and running node -v on a Node.js shell returns v18.12.1.

How can I use the latest version of Node?

Try to update the replit.nix file with the version of Node that you want to use.


add/change the modules entry in the .replit file

modules = ["nodejs-20:v8-20230920-bd784b9"]

Adding both of these things and running node -v in the shell returns v20.3.1.

But I get many evaluating file (filename) messages and this error at the bottom:

Detected change in environment, reloading shell...
nix error: building nix env: exit status 1
Output has been trimmed to the last 20 lines
evaluating file '/nix/store/l6smcclpy9f3v562q2ljb9zjdswg3ma1-nixpkgs-22.11-src/lib/systems/doubles.nix'
copied source '/nix/store/l6smcclpy9f3v562q2ljb9zjdswg3ma1-nixpkgs-22.11-src/pkgs/stdenv/generic/' -> '/nix/store/'
error: attribute 'nodejs_20_x' missing, at /home/runner/Discourse-WelcomeBot/replit.nix:3:3

no need to add anything to replit.nix

I just tried that, and it’s still node v18

Maybe I’ll just have to wait until Replit updates the Node template to v20 :person_shrugging:

try npm install -g node@20

remove nodejs 18 from replit.nix if it exists. And ensure that you hit enter in Shell so it reloads the nix env, before using node.


AFAIK, that should fail, since you wouldn’t have perms for a “global” installation.

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Thanks @UMARismyname!
Now my repl runs on v20. :grin:


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