How to update easily a forked Repl when original Repl is updated?

How to update easily my forked Repl when original public Repl is updated?

I searched Replit docs,
I even asked AutoGPT about it with the following data:

  • AI is: “an AI designed to help beginner Replit users to solve Replit related problems”
  • Task 1: “Explain me working, easy methods for keeping my Repls (forked from other Replit users public Repls) up-to-date.”

but after 5 iteration I stopped it, not getting anything closer to what I want.
Thank you!

I don’t think it is possible to synchronize a forked Repl with the original. The point of forking is for you to change the original.


Yeah, I know that @bigminiboss always pings us when he makes changes to replit bot.


If you expect to do this multiple times, you could create a repo in Tools > Git, link to a GitHub repo, create a separate branch for the other repl and run git merge main (main is the original branch name) in shell when you want to bring in the changes from the old repl.


Not necessarily, my sole reason is to store my API keys in my Secrets.

yeah … sorry about that I can stop if you like

No! I meant it as a good thing so that way we know to re fork it!


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