How to transfer code?

Hi, I’m new here but i started working on repli with my hello world how can I transfer my activities or I just need to start working over. Thanks

Hey @AngelaReva welcome to the forums.

Where is your current code stored?

I believe that in the lab but I don’t know how this works. I did already some activities but I can see them on my lab. Thanks for help

Hi @AngelaReva welcome to the community.

If you want to transfer your work from the lab into replit you could either:

  1. Create a new repl for each task you completed in the lab and copy and paste the code in / upload the file

  2. Create one repl called “my labs” or something similar and upload all the python files to this repl. Warning, it will only let you run one python file at a time (usually the one called

Hope this helps!

Thanks . Do you know if we have to work topics that we did not see in class?