How to sync files from replit to pc in real time

it there any way that I can sync files from and to my PC to in real time coz sometimes due to internet connectivity issues I am not able to code online so I can do on my PC

Hey @NeelGupta5, welcome to the community!

You can use SSH. You get it with any Replit paid plan, or there’s probably a way to get it for free.


There is no way to get it for free

Someone told me that you could get it for free… Don’t remember who it was.

Edit: It was @9pfs1:

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You can install SSH through the Nix package manager but I couldn’t get it to work. It wanted root. A paid plan is the best option.


can you explain me about the process or link a yt video

Sorry, I myself don’t actually know how to install SSH into your Repls.

dropbear’s easy to set up

Also, dropbear doesn’t need root (only openssh does).

There is really no way that I know of to get it done for free, but you could try connecting your project to a git repo and then making changes on your device and pushing it to git which can be pulled to your Replit project when you come online.

More info on that here: Connecting Replit to GitHub | Replit Docs

That is pretty much the only free way at this point.