How to store user data (java)

In more detail, I’m making a program that can grab a user’s input (using the scanner class) and store it in a list or database. The purpose is to be able to randomly select a message and display it to a user. For a better idea, you might want to check out what I’ve got made so far.


I did find something that sounds like it would do the same thing but it was spoken about for python, I’m not sure it’d work on java.


Try out Neon. Neon is a free PostgreSQL Database provider. You can get a gigabyte of free storage, and seamlessly connect it to your Repl to allow for secure storing of user data.

I will admit that looks a little daunting to learn, you reckon someone with little experience can figure it out? I haven’t tried anything yet so maybe what I’m saying should be said until after.

It really isn’t too hard. I learned SQL from ChatGPT, if I’m being honest. Just ask ChatGPT or Replit AI for help, and you are set. Of course, I’m here to help too, along with all the other community members on Replit Ask!

I see, I’ll start looking into it tomorrow and see if the AIs can’t help, if not I’ll head over to you. Thanks for the suggestion, in the event I figure everything out.

Check out Google Firebase. It has a limit, but you’re probably not going to hit it unless you’re making this a whole crazy business or something.

There isn’t a specific module for Firebase with Java, but I’m pretty sure you can use the REST API with HTTP requests. That way, you can just send a request over HTTP request and it will work (pretty good for such a basic program like this one). It also has some pretty good documentation. Try it and check it out! (I also like it because I don’t ever want to learn SQL unless I have to :upside_down_face:)

Replit AI didn’t fare too good, and I don’t have ChatGPT so I’m hoping you can walk me through a couple steps at the very least (I also went to their documentation but I don’t know where to look). boston2029 I’ll check out google firebase as well if this turns out bad.