How to start next lesson

I am new to replit and I am doing 100 days of code. I started day 1 and now I don’t know how to start day 2. Please tell how to start next day.
(I can’t click on ‘start day 2’ option).

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Hi @anita20062008 , welcome to the forums!
In Day 1, you need to click the ‘Mark Day 1 as complete’ to be able to do Day 2.
Hope this helps!

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Hi @anita20062008 !
Has my post above helped you to solve your problem? If so, could you mark it as a Solution? If not, what errors or problems do you encounter?

after marking the lesson as completed, where should i go next

Hi @billienyakawa , welcome to the forums!
You can go here to access the next day.
Hope this helps!