How to sign git commits?

I noticed that I cannot sign my git commits. Is there a way to do it and I am missing it?

It is not something I really need, but since I started using gpg I never stopped signing commits, and it looks odd to see the next commits being regular ones. So why not?

I appreciate the help.

Hey @lucrnz!

I apologize for the delay on this. Are you asking how to sign commits in general, or how to sign them within the Replit git pane?

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Hi Shane,

I want to know how to sign commits from the Git panel.

I deleted my answer by accident, please check the edit history for the longer answer.

Thank you for your help!

Thank you for the clarification, and I apologize for the delay on this.

We do not provide the ability to sign git commits from the Git panel at this time, but I have let the team know that this should be added!


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