How to show the console and output

I have made a python program using turtle, and it works great. However, when I open the cover page, it only shows the output. The console is crucial to the program, so how can I make it show along with the output?
Here is the code:

The user will have to fork your code in order to see the console and output. You could display what is being outputted in the console to the output using turtle.write()

The code requires a lot of text and also needs user input. Is there a way to work around it?

I think it has to be one way if you want to display it without being forked. Either you use console or display. You may need to do everything in display instead, such as asking for input and displaying output as OliDeveloper said.
The other solution? Ask users to fork it.

(I feel your pain tho…)

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Unfortunately, the cover page only supports whatever the output tab of a given Repl is. You could suggest improvements to this system to Replit. The closest thing you could get is an implementation of what @OliDeveloper suggested.