How to share Units across Teams?


Is there a way I can duplicate my projects, units and their order/grouping into a new team?

I started using replit last semester and now I want to copy all my projects and units to a new team for the next semester.

However, when I share projects, it currently only copies the projects and I do not see the units copied over to the new team.

It seems I will have to recreate the units and reorder the projects into the right units.

Any insight will be much appreciated.



Hi nelsonlim,

Thanks for your message and good to connect!

I’ve quickly tried this and can confirm that the unit structure and order isn’t recreated when using a share/import link. You are correct in that unit names and ordering of projects will have to manually be recreated.

How many projects are you importing into the new teams?


Hey @IanAtReplit , I would like this same functionality. For example: I have over 50 projects for my curriculum organized in a “CS A templates” team on my Education Organization which I would like to copy each year to a new/fresh team for that year’s course, and also share with my coworker to copy, while archiving each previous year’s teams.

I can do just mass copy, but it’s a hassle to re-order them all, even with one monitor rotated 90 degrees. Even just a way to manually sort the shared projects using the current share system would be very useful.


Same here, would love to see this supported.


Hi everyone.

Thank you for all your comments about this. As a teacher I’m keen for this functionality too. I’ve logged your comments above with the Replit support team and they are going to investigate further.

Apologies for the extra manual work at the moment!

All the best,


Definitely appreciate that this feature is being investigated.

I need to be able to recreate new teams every semester for different classes, so being able to duplicate the structure of units and projects across new teams is a big time saver.

I could have 50-100 projects depending on the length of the class.

Not very different from the function of being able to replicate teams from the curriculum hub. Except, I am creating and maintaining my own curriculum.


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Another yes please for this feature
Also in the video it says you can just name your team Unit 1/ and it will put it in that unit but that is not working for me

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Hi Bazzawill,

Welcome to the community! Great to meet you!

Can you please share the link to the video in question and I’ll follow this up? Thank you!


Has there been an update to this request? The new term starts and I have 50 plus projects across 6 units that I need to copy/share. Without this feature, I am going to spend hours.